On July 27 2017, Hollywood Pictures and Techno Pictures Animation released Fidget Spinners: The Movie, a full length feature film about a talking fidget spinner. Directed by animation veteran Terrence “Terry” LaGerry, who also co-wrote the film, the film stars erratic comedian Todd Jacobson as the title character. The film, following its premiere screening at Whiteman’s Chinese Theatre, is universally panned upon its release and is widely regarded as one of the worst animated features ever made.

Here, we are going to figure out why, why the studio would make this mess, how the film ended up the way it is and who made this film. We will meet Terry LaGerry, the film’s director, Cindy Mancini, the head of Techno Pictures Animation, Ernest Tempkins, the president of Hollywood Pictures, and Todd Jacobson, the lead actor. This is the story of Fidget Spinners: The Movie.

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